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Family Tennis
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Old Tennis Courts at Sellwood ParkWhat’s to Love: Are you interested in teaching your young children to play tennis, or perhaps, you just want to hit the ball around without worrying if it will end up in the middle of the game next to you? This is the place for you! These abandoned courts in Sellwood park are the perfect place for young tennis stars of the future.

Old Tennis Courts at Sellwood ParkThese courts were left “as-is” when new courts were crafted a few years ago. They are just sitting there collecting weeds with no one interested in attempting a serious game. Therefore, it leaves all the opportunity in the world to hit a tennis ball around with a young, aspiring tennis player. You will not have to worry about bothering any other players, because they won’t be on this court! There will be no wait! Plus, you’re right in Sellwood park, which has a great play-area, and outdoor pool.

Caveats: If you’re a serious player, you’ll want to head to the new courts. These courts are in rough shape with cracks, weeds, gaps in the base of the fence, sagging nets, etc. Believe me, a 3-5 year old will not care one bit.

Website: Sellwood Park

Distance from Portland: Within 3-4 miles of downtown Portland

Recommended Ages: 8 and younger would be fine on this court.

Parental Stress Factor: Low stress! I’ve played “tennis” on various courts around the city with my son. On those occasions, it was almost a given that people would be playing games right next to us. When my 3 year old (at the time) would tee-off with a good shot, it would inevitably end-up in another court, which I found to be pretty stressful. This is exactly the opposite. Plus, tennis is a pretty low maintenance game.

Physical Difficulty: I wouldn’t cancel your Jazzercise class or morning run, but chasing tennis balls all over the place will get you a fair amount of exercise.

Family Fun Factor: Low to Medium. It’s not the most exciting family activity, but having a little help chasing down the balls warrants some involvement from a spouse/partner and/or kids.

Pet Friendly: Yes…this would be one of very few tennis courts where your dog could actually run around and help retrieve the balls.

Weather Considerations: You don’t want to play on this court in the rain.

Insider Info: This old court and the new courts are within 100 yards of each other. Therefore, if you’re a tennis playing family, you could probably work something out utilizing both courts. Again, you’re in one of my favorite parts of Portland with so many great options available (see Family Tips).

Family Tips: Bring a picnic, because Sellwood park is a great spot for an afternoon picnic. There is plenty of shade or sun in the summer. New Seasons Market is within a 1/2 mile, there is a wonderful, outdoor pool, and all the great Sellwood shops and restaurants.

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