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Cedar Hills Park
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Beautiful trees at Cedar Hills ParkWhat’s to Love: Cedar Hills Park is a quaint little park right off the very busy “Cedar Hills Boulevard” close to Beaverton. While the actual playground equipment is somewhat sparse, the park does have a few nice features that make it worth a visit.

Nice beach volleyball courts at Cedar Hills ParkCedar Hills Park offers some of the best beach-style, volleyball courts I’ve ever seen at a local park. It almost looks like they were built for sanctioned competitions. There are rope/webbing boundaries in the sand, and the courts have high quality nets. The park grounds are beautifully groomed – the grass on the soccer field is full and green. Most picnic benches have a nearby grill (okay condition) for BBQ’ing, and the park has a paved-path perfect for beginning bikers.

Tennis courts at Cedar Hills ParkProbably one of the nicest features is the amount of open green space for field sports, picnics, or just relaxing. We threw around a frisbee and brought a soccer ball to kick around – it was quiet with lots of room for stray throws and kicks.  Finally, I should mention there are some very nice horseshoe pits, immaculate tennis courts, and decent public restrooms.

Paved-path at Cedar Hills ParkCaveats:  High traffic area, but not as noisy as one might expect.  The playground equipment is fine, the park simply needs a playstructure and some additional equipment.  It’s obvious most of the budget is tied-up in landscaping and maintenance.  I love it when parks have outdoor grills, but many of the grills at Cedar Hills are unsatisfactory.  

WebsiteTualatin Hills Park and Rec.

Distance from Portland:  The park is within 10 miles of downtown Portland.  Map!

Recommended Ages:  There are plenty of other parks perfect for toddlers.  This is a park that is better suited for kids who like to play outdoor sports with friends or family members.  I recommend from age 4 to 12.

Parental Stress Factor:  Looking for low stress?  Check-out this park on a weekday morning or afternoon.  I’m sure it gets busier on the weekend, but there is plenty of room.

Physical Difficulty:  The paved-paths make this an accessible park, even the restrooms are accessible.

Family Fun Factor:  Low to medium.  As far as “fun factor” goes, this park did not knock my socks off.  The cleanliness and landscaping were impressive, but this is the kind of park you go to chill-out and relax a bit.

Pet Friendly:  Yes!  This is an excellent park to bring your dog.

Weather Considerations:  Open year round.  No special weather considerations.  The park has some beautiful trees for shade on sunny days.  

Picnic benches and grill at Cedar Hills ParkInsider Info: The park shares a boundary with an elementary school (south-end of the park). Since the park’s playground equipment is sorely lacking, walk over to the school’s playground and have fun on their equipment. We just waited until the kids went in from recess, and no one seemed to have a problem with us being there. I will feature this elementary playground, because it too is a decent place to ride a bike.

Baseball and Soccer Fields at Cedar Hills ParkFamily Tips:  If you live in the area, you may want to check-out the Tualatin Recreation Center.  It looks like an excellent facility with many recreational opportunities.  Since the playstructure is lacking at this park, it may not be your best bet for toddlers.  Regardless, bring along some snacks to help pass the time.

Playground equipment at Cedar Hills ParkSince there is plenty of room, this is a great park for hitting a baseball, playing catch, throwing the frisbee, practicing casting a fishing line, etc.

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  1. I see everthing except the location???

    • Look under the the subheading "Distance from Portland." Right at the end of that sentence, it says "Map." That's a link to Google Maps. Have a good time!

      • Yes, it connects to Google Maps, with nothing but a map of the greater Portland area. And yes, "Cedar Hills" is visible on the map, but still there's no address of the park or map pointer showing where it is.

        • Indeed…there was a problem with the link, which just showed a big map of Portland. Sorry about that, I hope you were able to find your way. It's fixed now! 🙂 Thanks. Vince

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