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Glowing Greens – Mini Golf
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Pirate Skeleton outside Glowing Greens Mini-GolfWhat’s to Love: Perhaps, you’ve seen the bumper sticker, “Keep Portland Weird!” I’m all for it, and this establishment sure helps make a strong case for Portland’s weirdness.   It’s in a pretty unusual location – downtown in the basement of a building between 5th and 6th on Taylor. It has a pirate theme with glow-in-the-dark paint, which also adds a three-dimensional feel when glasses (supplied) are worn.

Glowing Greens Mini-GolfThe entire space reminded me of a Disney ride, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. The artwork is impressive, and they have some pretty amazing props on the floor and some hanging from the ceiling. My son enjoyed the whole experience, but was disappointed by how fast we made it through 9 holes.  The staff members were cordial and helped us get setup just fine.  Also, they let us walk around the place with 3-D glasses, which really put a smile on my son’s face (4 years old).

Glowing Greens Mini-GolfCaveats:  In my opinion, the price for 18 holes is a bit steep (check their website below for prices).  However, how often do you get the opportunity to play indoor, glow in the dark, pirate-themed, mini-golf?  Believe me, your kids will enjoy the venue.  The prices don’t make me dislike the business – I just can’t afford this type of activity very often.  Thus, I probably won’t be back very soon.

Glowing Greens Mini-GolfI am never a fan of the “no outside food” policy, especially when parents have to carry snacks for their kids.  It is strange that they have a seating area but do not serve food.  If parents cannot serve their kids some snacks, what is the purpose of the seating area?

Website: Glowing Greens Miniature Golf

Distance from Portland:  Located in downtown Portland

Recommended Ages:  All ages, but ages 4-12 will most likely get the most out of this place.

Parental Stress Factor:  Low stress!  Just don’t bring your own food, come prepared to spend a substantial amount of money, and have fun!

Physical Difficulty:  Not difficult

Family Fun Factor: Medium…your family will probably get a kick out of playing golf here, especially if you combine it with a trip for pizza and/or ice creme.

Pet Friendly:  No dogs.

Weather Considerations:  This is a great rainy day destination!

Glowing Greens Mini-GolfInsider Info: The staff recommended the “front 9” for younger kids who may get spooked-out by some of the props. They also told me that it’s not as long.  If you’re hungry, Pizza Schmizza is right across the street and is one of my favorite pizza places.  There is also a Ben & Jerry’s close-by on 5th and Yamhill.  

Glowing Greens Mini-GolfFamily Tips: If money is an issue, but you still want to try out the place, try golfing just 9 holes for $4.00 per person.  The problem is 9 holes is over so fast that it barely seems like you got your money’s worth.  Therefore, if you can afford it, I would definitely stick to 18 holes.

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  1. 2/24/2009 – Visited "Glowing Greens" for a second time since this article was first published. The owner invited us back because the entire layout of the course changed – lots of new props were added, new paintings, etc. This has made a fun adventure even better! We had a great time on the new course, which had some challenging holes.

    If you haven't been in awhile, I suggest a return trip on a rainy afternoon.

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