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Sky High Sports – Trampolines!
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Foam Pit! Sky High SportsWhat’s to Love: Over the course of three+ years, I haven’t used a single expletive in an article.  If there ever was a time to use one to describe the sheer awesomeness of a place, it would be reserved for Sky High Sports.  Because this is a family site, I’ll leave it out, but WOW!  This place is absolutely amazing!!!  Sky High Sports has several areas (e.g., kids’, foam pit, dodge ball, private, main, etc.) of interconnected trampolines (even up the walls!) that will put a big smile on your face and push your heart rate to 175+ in a matter of seconds!

Foam pit at Sky High SportsAbout six months ago, I saw a video clip on Yahoo of a guy doing a series of back flips on what looked like a football-sized-field of linked trampolines.  It was so amazing to watch, and I found myself thinking “…this would go over so well in Portland.”  On our Portland Family Adventure outing to Jackson Bottom Wetland Reserve, a parent mentioned a jumping place with trampolines that recently opened-up out in Tigard.  Sure enough, Sky High Sports opened their doors last October (2010) and has been very busy ever since!  I can see why.

Nice sitting areas at Sky High SportsThis is a top notch facility – so clean, shiny, new, leather couches, friendly staff members, etc.  The layout and design of the interior is pure genius.  You can sit and watch a toddler in a safe environment, while your older kids run off and play with their friends at the main area or dodge ball.  I recommend a dive into the foam pit!  We jumped for an hour, and I don’t think we stopped for one second.  It was pure adrenaline, crazy tricks, flips, high jumps – it made me feel like I was 18 again.

Unfortunately, I can already feel the adverse effects of that fantasy world.  After the drive home, I could barely get out of the car.  Be careful!  It’s deceivingly hard on the body – you’ll use lots of muscles in your neck and upper body for stabilizing your jumps.

There are plenty of sitting areas furnished with leather couches and cubbies for your stuff.  It’s very spacious and although there were quite a few people there, it never felt cramped to me.  Here is my video clip followed by a couple clips from their site.  Definitely watch the amazing stunts performed in their clips.

Main jumping area at Sky High SportsCaveats:  It’s on the southern end of highway 217, so beware of possible traffic jams.  Food options are limited mainly to vending machines.  It can get a bit crowded on the trampolines, especially in the main jumping area.  Might be a good idea the first time you go with your kids to get out on the trampolines with them to make sure they understand how to handle the crowds.  The flow of traffic is constantly unpredictable, so you need to keep your eyes open.

Watch out for the red and yellow pads!  You may not stand on the red pads, which form an outside border.  The yellow pads are great for taking a break, but you certainly would not want to land on one very hard.  They are padded, but I hit one pretty hard and I definitely felt it.  Try to time your jumps and flips around the pads.

Open jumping time is $10/hour per person (2 and under free with a paying adult).  A family of four that goes for a couple of hours is potentially looking at $80!  Check-out “Insider Info” below for ways to cut the costs a bit.  Also, I think jumping for a solid hour is probably plenty for most families.  When I was there, most parents were hanging out talking with friends, which cut their admission price in half.  Seems smart…plus, you won’t have to deal with the inevitable soreness the next day.

WebsiteBirthday documents and waiver; Sky High Sports Website

Distance from Portland: 12 – 15 miles from Portland.  Here is a Google Map.  I usually stay away from 217 during traffic times.  I approached from the south on I-5 to 99w to SW Greenburg Road.  The time on 99W is pretty short.

Recommended Ages:  All ages; however, big kids and small kids are often jumping on the same trampolines, which can be dangerous for smaller children!  I felt like I needed to jump with my 7-year old the entire time.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to let kids 10 and under jump without a parent close-by.

If kids can jump and their parents will sign a waiver, Sky High accommodates toddlers on up.  This is a great place for teens and older kids.  If you’re a parent who likes to jump into the fray, please use a bit of caution.  🙂  It’s very physically demanding, and you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice until it’s too late.

Parental Stress Factor:  Despite the potential for crashes on the trampolines, this was a pretty low stress adventure.  The staff members get you checked-in quickly, and you’re on the trampolines in no time.  Once there, most people are aware of the potential for bumping into others, and the staff members are right out on the trampolines to help monitor everything.

Physical Difficulty:  Very physically challenging, especially aerobically!  Sky High offers a time for those with special needs!

Family Fun Factor:  High!!!  This would be an awesome family adventure, especially if you can come for a private party of some sort.  For single parents with multiple kids, I recommend bringing along a friend to help tag-team when it comes to bouncing, especially if the kids will be in different areas.

Weather Considerations:  Excellent rainy weather activity!  Bring comfortable clothing.

Really nice facility - Sky High SportsInsider Info:  Check their website for special classes/deals, parties, etc.  They offer some nice packages for birthdays and private parties, plus some unique options like:  Munchkin Mondays, and Air-robics classes.

Consider registering on their website so you can purchase jump time in advance!  That way, you can just show up at a specified time and you’re guaranteed entry.  If you’re planning on going during a busy time, this is pretty important.

If you forget cash/change, there is an ATM inside near the front desk.

Patrons can either jump in bare feet or shoes that have laces.  Slip on shoes are not acceptable and socks are too slippery for the trampoline surface.  Also, there is no “double jumping,” which I kept trying to do constantly with my son Rhys until a staff member politely informed me of the rule.  Double jumping is where you jump close together and time your jump so the other person is rebounded higher into the air.  It’s so common on trampolines that I thought I would mention that it’s against the rules.  Their trampolines are so spring loaded that you could potentially hurt smaller kids by sending them too far into the air.

Really nice facility - Sky High SportsFamily Tips:  They have a limited number of lockers available for 50 cents each.  I didn’t have change, so we ended-up carting our stuff back and forth to wherever we were jumping at the time.  This was a bad plan.  Definitely bring quarters with you and use the lockers to store your coats and valuables.  Better yet, you may just want to leave all that stuff in your car and just worry about your shoes and socks.

Food options are limited as well as drinks.  You are not supposed to bring in outside food or drinks.  It’s doubtful a staff member would confront your kid if they were sipping water from a water bottle stored in a backpack and/or biting an apple.  Also, I find it hard to believe they would say anything about cracking out some snacks for babies or toddlers, especially drink boxes or sippy cups.  Definitely keep your kids hydrated – their faces will turn bright red pretty fast!

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  1. And i thought the bounce castle places were a hoot! We're definitely heading out there, before our youngest turns three 🙂

    • Yeah…this takes the bouncy castle to a whole new level! Make sure you check-out the 8 and under area for your toddler.

  2. This sure looks like a nice place to hang out at, without the kids to avoid shouting…

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