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Ripzu Indoor Skatepark
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Ripzu Indoor SkateparkWhat’s to Love:  On May 2nd, 2012, Ripzu will be reopening!!!  They were able to work things out with their landlord and will be moving the entire space into the side with the mini-pipe.

On our ever continuing 2011 skatepark tour, we managed to find this gem in Vancouver, WA.  Ripzu has been open about a year and a half, but it seems like a brand new facility to me. Everything is in excellent condition with a superior riding surface and one of the nicest layouts for beginning riders in the Portland area.  

Ripzu Indoor SkateparkDon’t get me wrong, it’s a great beginner-spot, but there is plenty of terrain for intermediate and advanced riders.  Trust me, from my own experience, if you don’t drop in correctly on the half-pipe, you will injure yourself!  Be careful!  Some of the features look deceptively easy, but they are slick and fast.

Ripzu Indoor SkateparkIf you’re bugged by the outdoor skatepark culture, this place is for you and your family.  Ripzu is the most family-friendly skatepark we’ve visited.  The rules are enforced, people are friendly, and there is skating specifically for kids 12 and under on Saturday mornings (10am – 12pm).

Another thing you’ll enjoy as a parent is the opportunity to move around the space without a skateboard.  If it’s busy, you’ll obviously want to use good judgement.  Some kids will need supervision while skating, and it’s nice to be able to be out on the floor with them.

Caveats:  In terms of a family-friendly venue, I don’t have much to say under caveats.  This is a really great place to skateboard.  As an indoor skateboarding facility, this is top-of-the-line.


Distance from Portland:  It’s about 12 miles from downtown Portland.  Their address is:  1417 NE 76th St, Vancouver, WA 98665.  Here is a direct link to their “Directions” page.

Recommended Ages:  All ages are welcome.  You’ll notice on their website there are various times set aside for different groups.  If your child is under 12, Saturday mornings from 10-12 is when you’ll want to visit.

Parental Stress Factor:  Depends quite a bit.  Our visit was very low stress due to the fact that only a few kids were skating at the same time.  If the place is busy, it will be more stressful.  Overall, the place is low-key.  Obviously, some parents are stressed-out watching their kids skateboard.

Physical Difficulty:  Skateboarding is physically difficult and serious injury is a constant risk.  That is just a fact.

Pet Friendly: N/A

Weather Considerations:  Excellent activity for rainy days!  During the winter months, you’ll want to dress warmly.  They have heat, but it has been pretty cold the two times we’ve been there.  I can imagine the building gets pretty hot during the summer.

Ripzu Indoor SkateparkInsider Info:  Besides seasonal camps, Ripzu has private lessons for your child, which can greatly improve their confidence and riding ability.  My son took a single lesson at the old Department of Skateboarding (Portland), and it was one of the best things we did for him as a new rider.  I have witnessed one of their staff members giving a lesson – it was very good!

Ripzu Indoor SkateparkScooters are allowed!  No bikes EXCEPT Friday nights from 6 – 9PM (no pegs).  The area in the picture to the left is the lounge where parents can relax and watch the skateboarding while cruising the free Wi-Fi!

Ripzu Indoor SkateparkFamily Tips:  If your kids are under 12, make sure to visit on Saturday mornings from 10-12.  On our two visits, there have been less than ten kids skating.  On our first visit, my two kids had the entire skatepark to themselves for the first fifteen minutes.  Having plenty of room and some time to figure out the place is important on an initial visit.

Ripzu Indoor Skatepark

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  1. This park has the chance to be great with limited skating indoor in portland and washington the space is great they just need to add flow and fix some issues (coping sticking out way to far) and then this park will be a mini DOS

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes…I saw your other comment as well. Certainly, if I were to judge the skatepark solely on "flow," it's not as nice as Windell's or outdoor parks like Newberg. Except for the half-pipe, it is mainly a back-and-forth park. However, I write this mainly for parents with younger children, and Ripzu is an excellent option for them, especially on Saturday mornings. I'm not really rating the park for accomplished skateboarders.

  2. What happen to the official facebook page of ripzu. I try to open the link, nothing happen and also i open the official website on my browser and it show Japenese website. The indoor park still open like usual? By the way, it is a great design of skatepark which is suitable for kids and also beginners. My niece and nephew are really into this sport and i would like to know more about this skatepark. Hope there are some kind of update about this place

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