Vince, Holly, Rhys, and Arlo

Vince, Holly, Rhys, and Arlo

Welcome to Portland Family Adventures! In the picture, that’s my wife Dr. Holly Beckwith and our two sons Rhys (age 10) and Arlo (5-years). We’re in the business of family fun and adventure via a virtual guidebook. We hope our business motivates your family to experience all the wonderful opportunities in the Portland, Oregon area and beyond.

While visiting our site, we encourage you to comment on specific adventures – look for a comment field at the end of each full post, and/or suggest your family’s favorite adventure. Also, if you want to keep current with our new trips, please subscribe to our email list. You’ll have the opportunity to customize the types of trips you receive in your inbox.

I want you to know that we experience these adventures first-hand. We prepare the snacks, walk the miles, carry the packs, take the photos, and we do the writing. I do refer to websites if you’re interested in additional information, but I go WAY beyond providing just stock/generic information. I’ll tell you what child carrier to bring on a hike, I’ll provide insider information so you get the best experience, and I’ll take plenty of photos and video clips so you can see things for yourself.

Mission Statement: Portland Family Adventures provides an easy to use, no-fee, searchable, and interactive website specifically for active families seeking both outdoor and indoor adventures in and around Portland, Oregon and surrounding cities within a 5-hour drive.

Guiding Principles:

  • Cherished family memories are not built around a television set – they are created through living life to the fullest in the spirit of adventure.
  • Portland Family Adventures brings families together by providing useful information concerning the greater Portland, Oregon area.
  • Portland Family Adventures is a space for all families regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, physical and/or developmental limitations or considerations.
  • Portland Family Adventures seeks priority-funding from sponsors who further and/or contribute to a sustainable or “green” philosophy.
  • Portland Family Adventures allows for user-reviews and/or comments, which help validate the editorial descriptions and involve the user in an interactive experience.

More About Vince and Family:

I’m 44 years old with a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership (2004, Portland State University). I work full-time at Portland State University as an Instructional Designer, which means I put college course on the Internet. I also am a pedagogical specialist, so I hope my work helps teachers become better at their craft. I’m also in a band called, “Vince Schreck & The Expendables.” We play my music, which is a mixture of many styles, but is often characterized as “Americana.” Recently, we’ve changed our focus to doing concerts for kids and their families under the name “The Toy Trains” – mainly covering the music of Dan Zanes, Lisa Loeb and other childhood standards. We also feature a bunch of our own music written for kids. Please come and see a show!