Welcome PDX Kids Calendar!

After hosting my own self-serve calendar page for the last three years, a couple of things have become evident.  First, with competing community calendars, I’m getting only a fraction of what is possible through this type of calendaring option.  Secondly, one of the competing calendars (PDX Kids Calendar) is far superior and comprehensive to what I’m offering on my site and has become the go-to option for families looking for event-driven activities.  Thus, I made the decision awhile ago to start directing my calendar traffic to their calendar page. If you have an event to post or want to find an event, check-out PDX Kids Calendar.

For now, I’ll just offer a link (you can also click on their logo) to their calendar. Starting November 1, my calendar will cease to exist and all traffic will automatically be sent to their site.  THIS IS ONLY FOR THE CALENDAR PAGE!  I’ll continue offering the most comprehensive articles on family fun in the Portland area and nothing else will change on my site.