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Oregon Zoo

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What’s to Love: Of course, there is an underlying debate of whether or not zoos are a good or bad thing. I’ve been to some zoos where I felt the integrity of the entire business was suspect. However, the Oregon Zoo (located in Portland’s Washington Park) is not such a place. This is the best zoo I’ve ever visited. They may not have the most animals, or the largest square footage, but it’s clean, well managed, eco-conscious, friendly, and a great time for kids! Even the cafeteria has responsible food choices on the menu offering many local organic/natural products. The Zoo has a “Green Team” that strives to make the Zoo an “Earth Friendly” operation (read more here).

The exhibits are well thought out, and it’s easy to navigate throughout the premises. Our son loves seeing the giraffes, elephants, sea lions, hippos, zebras…all the animals; however, most of all he loves riding the train! The train takes a pleasant trip into Forest Park. During most of the year, the train makes a stop at the Rose Garden where you can get off and re-board later. The Zoo is also a good spot to check-out holiday lights during the Christmas season.

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