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McMenamins: Kennedy School

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What’s to Love: This is my favorite McMenamins in Portland city limits. I’ll admit, I’ve never been a big fan of their food, and my wife the Naturopath isn’t too keen on bar food, but they do have a few items worth mentioning. I always enjoy the Captain Neon Burger with spicy fries, and their fish-n-chips are pretty good. If you enjoy a good soda, definitely have their draft root beer, which is like a dessert.

While the food doesn’t knock my socks off, don’t let it deter you from making a trip with the whole family to the Kennedy School. The atmosphere and the “cool factor” more than make-up for any shortcomings. Located in NE Portland near 33rd and Killingsworth (see Website), the Kennedy school is a revamped elementary school complete with quirky bathrooms, a detention room bar, soaking pool, gym for larger events, plenty of classrooms turned into meeting rooms, and an amazing outdoor fireplace.

My son just enjoys wandering around the halls looking at all the different pictures. Accessibility-ramps have been added to maneuver around stairs, and children love running up and down these big ramps. As parents, you’ll admire all this whimsical art/tile work. The main dining area has a good family vibe, and when you’re done eating, you can always go check-out a movie!

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